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Frequently Asked Questions.

Why should we choose Opsec4Life over its competitors?

Opsec4Life is operated by retired law enforcement officers that spent their careers building criminal investigations on targets all over the united states and internationally. We have provided personal protection for witnesses, jurors, prosecutors, federal agents, and members of the United States Supreme Court.

How much does it cost to hire a private investigator?

Each case is different and comes with many different variables that can affect the price, however we take every case to heart and will provide you with a free consultation to give you an idea of the anticipated costs.

How do I know that the investigation will be kept confidential?

Any information that you provide or that we learn as a result of the investigation is kept strictly confidential. We will keep all information between Opsec4Life and you and will not share or disclose it to anyone (even law enforcement) without your consent.

Can I use the results of a private investigation in court?

Absolutely! At Opsec4Life, we pride ourselves on conducting thorough investigations and recording evidence that you can use for any proceeding. We will work with your lawyer and you to determine the best investigative strategy. Our investigators have years of experience testify in court.

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