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Crime Scene Tape

Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations

The FBI has reported that approximately 40 percent of the nation’s homicides are unsolved. People are literally getting away with murder. In 2019, half of the murders committed in Miami Dade were unsolved and almost 83 percent of all crimes went unsolved. This is not a result of poor police work. In fact, the violent crimes/homicide investigators in most police departments are the best of the best. This is simply a result of lack of public cooperation due to trust and lack of resources at the departments. Hiring a private investigator that can dedicate themselves to the case and aren’t considered a threat by the public can make a huge difference in conducting a criminal investigation. In most cases, witnesses will come forward and work with private investigators.  Make no mistake, the investigation will be turned over to the authorities in the end, but you can be assured that it was conducted thoroughly and impartially and with the only incentive being to determine the truth. 


  • Homicide

  • Assault/Battery

  • Burglary

  • Theft

  • Weapons 

  • Narcotics 

  • Stalking

    • Each year there are more than 3 million incidents of stalking in the U.S.

    • Police are only able to apprehend about 7% of them

  • Fraud

  • Animal Abuse/Neglect

  • Insurance Fraud

  • Kidnapping

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